Our Flavors Change Weekly!

Our Bakers are always finding new ways to bring you your favorite treats, without the guilt.
Come see us or check our Facebook page to see what we are serving up!

Protein Prep Cake Cupcakes (4ea)

166 Calories/21P/12C/4F $12.00

Protein Cake Drop

78 Calories/9g Protein/10 Carbs/2g Fat $2.25

Protein Whoopie Pie

280 Calories/25g Protein/35g Carbs/7g Fat $4.00

Keto Whoopie Pie

371 Calories/11g Protein/5g Calories/33g Fat/Gluten Free $5.00

Keto Cupcakes

167 Calories/5g Protein/5g Carbs/15g Fat/Gluten Free $3.50

Keto No Bake Cheesecake

156 Calories/20g Protein/5g Carbs/6g Fat $5.25

Keto Cheesecake Slice

261 Calories/21g Protein/7g Carbs/16g Fat $5.00

Keto Truffle Pot

183 Calories/2.8g Protein/2.7g Carbs/18.5g Fat/Gluten Free $5.50

Keto Nut Cup

183 Calories/2.8g Protein/2.7g Carbs/18.5g Fat/Gluten Free $1.75

Keto Kookie

87 Calories/2.5g Protein/1.3g Carbs/8.4g Fat/Gluten Free $3.00

Keto Cobbler

231 Calories/7g Protein/4g Carbs/20g Fat $5.50

Keto Crème Brule

165 Calories/20g Protein/7.6g Carbs/6g Fat/Gluten Free $5.50

Keto Pound Cake

304 Calories/8.6g Protein/10.4g Carbs/26.6g Fat/Gluten Free $5.50

Keto Coffee Cake

225 Calories/11g Protein/5g Carbs/20g Fat $3.50

Keto Cannoli

136 Calories/6g Protein/11g Carbs/6g Fat $3.50

Keto Croissant Pinwheel

85 Calories/6g Protein/2g Carbs/13g Fat $4.50

Keto Eclair Bites

142 Calories/2g Protein/2g Carbs/14g Fat (2 per serving) $3.50

Keto 3pk of Buns

12 Net Carbs – Jalapeno Cheddar, Cheddar, Plain, Italian and Cheddar, and 3 Cheese! $10.00

Keto Cake Mix

278 Calories/8g Protein/4g Net Carbs/25g fat $14.95

Low Carb Bagels

127Calories/7g Protein/14g Carbs/2g Fat $3.50

Low Carb Cinnamon Roll

89 Calories/3g Protein/7g Carbs/4g Fat $6.50

Low Carb Croissant

277Calories/6g Protein/0g Carbs/32g Fat $3.50

Low Carb Loaf of Bread

50 Calories/3g Protein/6g Carbs/1g Fat (Per Slice)

16 Slices Per Pack $20.00

Low Carb Stuedel

304 Calories/5g Protein/0g Carbs/37g Fat $2.25


140 Calories/4g Protein/20g Carbs/6.9g Fat

Flavors change often! $3.00


90 Calories/1g Protein/24g Carbs/2g Fat $1.75

NY Cheesecake

616 Calories/14g Protein/7g Carbs/61g Fat/Gluten Free $7.50

Specialty Sandwiches available in Bakery!

Made with our own buns or on our croissants – that are less than 1CARB!! Come see us to find out what’s on the menu! $9.50